Dining Facilities

Your dining facility will be based on your meeting and sleeping accommodations. Each of our dining facilities has its own executive chef and registered dietician, as well as its own unique menu and atmosphere.

Residential Dining Menu

Crossroads (near Units 1 & 2)
Crossroads photo by Steve McConnell

Crossroads photo by Steve McConnell

Located at 2415 Bowditch Street, Crossroads is the first green-certified building on Berkeley’s campus and the nation's first organic certified kitchen on a college campus.

Crossroads features distinct stations: world cuisine, freshly baked pizza, self service deli, salad bar, comfort foods, vegetarian/vegan, grilled entrées, bakery and dessert selections and a variety of soups, cereals, and beverages.

Crossroads has a slightly different dinner schedule than the other dining facilities, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Café 3 (at Unit 3)
Cafe 3 photo by Kevin Ho Nguyen

Cafe 3 photo by Kevin Ho Nguyen

Café 3 features a newly designed menu that intentionally increases the ratio of plant-centric foods to animal products, without compromising flavor. The menu focuses on food that is at the intersection of delicious, nutritious, and sustainable, and does not include pork and shellfish. Whether you're looking for vegetarian, vegan, or kosher food options, this "dining hall for all" aims to provide more options for our diverse community. The new center station is certified kosher, which also caters to those on the hunt for halal food. Café 3 features different dining platforms serving globally-inspired and local organic menu options.



Foothill features a lodge-like dining room. Foothill is green and organic certified, and offers traditional foods, a pizza and pasta station, deli selections, a grill station, and a salad bar. A variety of hot and cold menu items are available at breakfast, including eggs, pancakes or waffles and cereals. For lunch and dinner, guests may choose from two or three hot entrees, including a vegetarian selection, vegetables, homemade soups, fruits, and desserts.

Clark Kerr

For hosts seeking a more formal atmosphere, Clark Kerr’s Great Hall Dining features paneled walls and a coffered ceiling. Cookouts can also be arranged on our sunny dining room patios.

Our menus offer a wide selection at each meal, including a vegetarian entrée.