Guests may receive mail during their stay.

Outgoing Mail

Stamped, outgoing mail may be placed in the US Mail slot located at the front desk of each Unit. Other mailing needs must be handled at the nearby US Post Office.

Incoming Mail

Incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

Participant's Name
c/o Conference Name 
Residence Hall Name Street Address (See below for specific unit address) 
Berkeley, CA Zip (See below for specific unit zip code)

Unit 1

2650 Durant Avenue Berkeley, CA 94720-2274

Unit 2

2650 Haste Avenue Berkeley, CA 94720-2278

Unit 3

2400 Durant Avenue Berkeley, CA 94720-2276


2700 Hearst Avenue Berkeley, CA 94720-2292

Clark Kerr Campus

2601 Warring Street Berkeley, CA 94720-2288

Program Materials

Program materials may be shipped no more than five days prior to the conference. If materials are received earlier, there will be a $50/day storage fee.

Please clearly identify the name of the conference and the Events and Conferences Coordinator's name on each box.

A fee of $5 per box will be charged for all boxes after the fifth box.

If there are any materials remaining after the conference ends, you must make arrangements to have those items picked up by your carrier within 48 hours. Please advise your Events and Conferences Coordinator of these arrangements. Any materials remaining after 48 hours become the property of the University of California, Berkeley.