Internet Connection

UC Berkeley provides complimentary wireless internet for visitors on campus. When searching for a wireless network, select CalVisitor to get online. This service is available in all rooms and buildings across campus.

In addition to CalVisitor wireless access, "attwifi" is currently available throughout all locations. Current AT&T customers with a qualifying Internet, smartphone, or LaptopConnect plan can access this network. Others may use this network for a fee paid directly to AT&T.

Minimum Security Standards

Prior to connecting your computer to the campus network, please ensure that you review the campus policies outlined in this document and on UC Berkeley Student Technology Services website.

Specifically, please ensure that all devices on the network meet the following minimum security standards:


Your computer must have antivirus software, which will detect and eliminate malicious code and viruses on your device.

Activated Firewall

Ensure that your computer's firewall is activated to guard against potentially harmful network traffic that can exploit security holes on your system.

Strong Password

Set a strong administrative password to help prevent hackers from compromising your device and accessing your personal data.

Automatic Updates

Enable automatic operating system updates to protect your computer from the newest security vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Windows XP not supported on campus

Windows XP is no longer supported on the campus network because it no longer receives security updates. If you use a Windows XP computer, your Internet connection may be disabled.

Technical Support

Having trouble connecting? Our IT staff is happy to provide limited technical support free of charge for the first 30 minutes. After that, the standard rate of $75 per hour will apply.

Charges for technical support must be approved by the conference organizer before IT can provide the service.

Internet Security Requirements

Conference hosts are responsible for all network traffic originating from machines that have registered on our network. Conference participants must abide by UC Berkeley’s Computer Use Policy.

Conference participants should not attempt any modification of the University's network hardware. All requests for technical support should be made through the conference coordinator.