The daily rates listed below are per person and include accommodations and three cafeteria-style meals.


Unit 1, 2, 3, Stern

Double $87.65
Single $110.65


Suites: Unit 1 & 2, Beverly Cleary

Double $94.15
Single $121.65


Foothill Suites

Double $94.15
Single $121.65


Clark Kerr

Double $93.15
Single $115.15


Clark Kerr Suites

Double $98.65
Single $126.15


Channing, Bowditch, Clark Kerr, Wada Apartments

Double $99.65
Single $127.15


Rates for suites are based on the total number of occupants per bedroom. For example, single occupancy of a two-bedroom suite means that two individuals each have a separate bedroom and share a bathroom. Double occupancy means two individuals share one bedroom; therefore a two bedroom suite accommodates four people on a double occupancy basis, with four people sharing one bathroom. If a couple wishes to have a suite and bathroom to themselves, they would pay the single occupancy rate for both bedrooms in a two-bedroom suite.